Abnormal Pap while Pregnant

As a woman of child-bearing age, one must have likely had her fair share of Pap smears. While most Pap smear result comes normal, on few occasions, women who received abnormal Pap smear results require additional medical diagnosis and perhaps even treatment. If a woman receive an abnormal pap during pregnancy, please don’t panic. While one’s result could be the sign of something serious, it could also be no reason for concern at all. An abnormal pap smear during pregnancy is not unheard of. And many of the diagnosis and treatments associated with these results can be administered to expectant likeliness to have cancer.

Pap smear during Pregnancy

Abnormal pap smears are not uncommon during pregnancy and are, many times, confused with cancer. Pregnancy in itself does not influence the abnormal cell changes in thelower part of the uterus opening into the vagina, called cervix. Abnormal pap smears during pregnancy is the signal of the likelihood of cancer. Being one of the rarest forms of cancer, it is the most frequently found one, during pregnancy. It is owing that the Pap smear test is given utmost importance during prenatal care tests. The abnormal changes occurs because of Pap smear, are a result of antigens, including human papilloma virus, bacteria, yeastandprotozoa. Natural cervical cell changes called atrophic vaginitis may be another cause for an abnormal Pap smear.

What should be done?

It is always safe to have a Pap smear test during pregnancy. If one’s Pap smear results are abnormal, a colposcopy could be performed during her pregnancy. However, further treatment will probably be delayed until after her baby is born.Frequently, the birth of her baby will wash away any abnormal cervical cells. Having an abnormal smears during pregnancy does not pose a risk to her baby. If she receives an abnormal Pap smear result while pregnant, her caregiver will likely perform a colposcopy. During this test, her doctor will view her cervix under magnification. By doing this, her doctor can more effectively diagnose what lead to the occurrence of abnormal cells and decide how they should proceed with treatment.

Post-Pregnancy Treatment

If her doctor determines that her abnormal Pap smear result did stem from the presence of cancerous cells, she will need to wait until after her pregnancy to receive treatment. If she is early in her pregnancy, her doctor may recommend that she may end the pregnancy to seek the treatment she requires. If the presence of those cells is discovered late in her pregnancy, her doctor may induce labour early as to treat the condition as soon as possible.

Risks to the Baby

The presence of abnormal cells in a woman’s cervix poses no risk to her baby. In many cases, it’s been seen, that these cells are washed away during labour and delivery. If a doctor suspects from the smear test during pregnancy that anything about result may pose a risk to one’s baby, he may suggest a Caesarean section delivery; though, this recommendation is quite rare.

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