Planning to pack and move the piano? Maybe you are a musician concerned about how to ship your piano, or you could be someone with a piano in your living room in a high rise, or maybe you have a thought process which says about using a rope and pulley to get that piano to the ground floor, which is surely a bad idea.  Or perhaps you are just a homeowner, relocating internationally who needs to pack and ship your most expensive possession that is a piano!

So here is the way, you spent quite a fortune getting this instrument, and it would be just heart-breaking to see it being mishandled during the move.

So planning the process for the moving of piano needs to be done that is you need to have correct planning, patience, rehearsals and finally execution so as to land it safely.

Essentials about a Piano: 

Understanding the background and some significant realities help one plan and prepare for the move smartly and safely. Given below are some of the aspects of your piano:

  • The piano is shaped inelegantly is large and absolutely heavy
  • The different wood qualities make it hard to handle
  • It requires climate control environment since sound quality might depreciate if temperature differences exist between the new and old place
  • It has exclusive dynamics and fragile interior moving parts
  • A piano has a delicate outer cabinet too.

Dos and Don’ts of moving a piano:

Given below is a basic checklist to evaluate in concern with packing and moving your piano:

  • You should avoid moving your piano overseas entirely on your own. It will be a nightmare if you don’t know the right way of it and later on, it could be a problem.
  • Avoid opting for that person who will move the piano manually without any tools. It’s a piano, not a desk! So hire professional
  • You should wrap your piano with blankets and pads to avoid dents, scratches or blemishes to the exterior. Refinishing is a costly affair.
  • Make sure the internal fragile moving parts are secured.
  • The lid should be closed and locked properly.
  • Depending upon the weather when you move the piano, think about using a plastic wrap too.
  • Double check the new space where you would be keeping the piano to make sure it will look good and fit in that place.
  • Remember to secure the piano inside the vehicle with ropes so as to avoid getting movement in it.

Tips To Find the Right Piano Mover

Given below are certain ways on how you can find the right piano mover

  • Make sure to check the reviews of the international moving company you are opting for.
  • Do make sure that the movers are experts in moving pianos
  • Always get the insurance coverage and look out the options for the same.
  • You should also see that the local moving companies offers door to door pickup and delivery options.

These are the basic things which you can do for packing and moving of your piano. Hiring professionals for moving the Piano is the best way to move your expensive instrument safely and efficiently. However, you must ensure that you hire the best moving experts near you.

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