As we know that there are many WordPress portfolio plugin are available to build a well-designed good looking portfolio website. However, it is difficult for beginners to find the right portfolio plugins. Basically, we use plugins to add functionality in our website such as breadcrumb, parallax, etc.

So we need to add plugins in order to add the functionality of a portfolio. We can use plugins with any theme and there is no loss of data from the database if we use that plugin in any other theme.

Now take a look at some of the top WordPress portfolio plugins,

1. Envira Gallery – It is paid WordPress portfolio plugin and it used to create good looking galleries and albums. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for designer and photographer. With the help of Envira Gallery, we can create a portfolio very easily. This plugin provides a facility to add our portfolio items anywhere on our WordPress site just by clicking on the button.

2. Nimble Portfolio – Nimble Portfolio provides an easy way to add a portfolio to our WordPress Site. We can also create a new portfolio item and upload our digital works and images. With the help of this plugin, we can also group different images into filters. Some of the Nimbus portfolio plugins having less functionality are free but for more features, we need to purchase that Nimble Portfolio plugin.

3. Portfolio gallery – It is one of the most popular free WordPress portfolio plugins. In this plugin, we get many features like different options and different viewing. In this, we can also add multiple images/videos per project.

4. Project by Woothemes – It is also a free WordPress portfolio plugin which is written by the folks behind Woocommerce. It is very simple to use.

For our project, this plugin provides us custom post type so that we can create many projects as we want. Each of the projects carries its own cover image, gallery, short and long description.

5. Portfolio – We can create multiple portfolios with different projects with them by using this plugin. Each project carries its own cover image and gallery. It is also a free plugin but with limited features to get more features we need to purchase the paid version. It provides only one layout with the free version.

6. WordPress Portfolio Plugin –  It is free of cost WordPress support portfolio plugin and this plugin provides us to generate thumbnails automatically of websites. We can also customize the design of the portfolio item using custom CSS and Html.

7. NextGen Gallery – To Create images galleries we use NextGen Gallery plugin and we can also create our portfolio using that plugin. In this, we can create our image galleries and albums. It is also a free plugin but with limited features and functionality and we need to purchase the paid version to get support and many other features.

8. Portfolio by BestWebSoft – It is also one of the popular WordPress portfolio plugins. It can work for any kind of portfolio, but it is mainly designed to focus on web development agencies.

It has custom taxonomies for executioners and technologies it means we can mention which technology used in this project as well as who worked on the project as executioners.

9. Custom content portfolio – This plugin is used to create a very basic portfolio and we can add our projects to tags and categories.

It also allows us to add project details. Like we can enter client info, project start, finish date, website, etc. Here we can also display the projects in a grid layout by configuring our theme.

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