Marketing is the set of institutions, activity, and processes for communicating, creating, delivering, and switching offerings that have value for clients, customers, partners, and society in general. Marketing is the totality of activities involved in directing the flow of services and goods from producers to consumers. Without a marketing plan and strategy, you cannot attain your business goals. It is indispensable for a business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur like Joseph Cianciotto, start-up, or business, preparing a stratagem for the first time, or changing your prevailing plan, this is the primary and most significant piece of your road-map to achievement. Internet marketing is principally based on the sale of information goods. It is the process of sourcing a product, finding a market in New York, and promoting that product to your selected market online.

A smart marketing idea begins with a smart approach like Joseph Cianciotto.

Your First Step – A Marketing Strategy:

You need a clear message. You need to be fixated. You need a procedure.

A marketing policy is the big picture, overarching plan, the high-level road map to help you achieve your business objectives. After all, you cannot get there if you do not know where you are going!

The goal of a marketing policy is to probe deeply into your sales process, your business, your target market, your current marketing and message to comprehend your successes and identify your challenges.

You need to elucidate your objectives and goals that will bring results. You should categorize your core messaging, niche markets, elevator pitch and values, mission and vision statement. This is the basis of your marketing plan and makes up the definite mix of marketing activities that will produce revenue.

During your marketing strategy, you should evaluate the following:

  • Current Messaging, Elevator Pitch, Value and Vision Statement
  • Organization Overview & Mission
  • Products and/or Services
  • Brand Positioning
  • Goals & Success Metrics
  • Target Markets & Ideal Customer
  • Social Media Marketing Audit: Content Strategy (images, videos), Social Media Channels, Blogging
  • Marketing Audit: Marketing Budget, Advertising (print/online), E-mail, Seasonal Promotions/other
  • Competitor Site Review
  • Website Review & Assessment
  • The ability to write sales material, etc
  • Search Engine Optimization

Your Second Step – A Detailed Marketing Plan:

You need to be heard. You have to be seen. You need to be found.

The following step given by Joseph Cianciotto is to fabricate a comprehensive marketing plan from the information you assembled from your marketing policy. This is a comprehensive marketing roadmap, plan and infrastructure that will be used for your marketing. It will consist of developing promotional offers, developing content, most operative social media channels to be active on, building an email list, email marketing, and budget for Facebook promotion. This detailed Marketing Plan will benefit your organization or business become more structured and is something you can implement immediately so as to become more profitable and see success.

A marketing plan and strategy is the key to your success. Do not adjourn and start them now.

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