The BPharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four year undergraduate degree course available for students interested in the medical field in the BPharma college in Dehradun. Pharmacy has a huge role especially when a cure for a disease is found in researching and testing before a treatment is available for the regular public. Pharmacists are a very important part of the healthcare industry and help not only to diagnose the causes of the disease but also towards their treatment and eradication completely.

A person needs to have some basic skill sets to excel in BPharma like communication and Interpersonal skills, a natural curiosity and persuasive skills, therapeutic and counselling skills and science wizard and technical skills along with the required marks in their 12th board exam. Other skills that are required are medicinal and scientific research skills, a sharp memory and good medical ethics. The BPharma college in Dehradun and BPharma college in Uttarakhand allow a student admission based on the minimum marks criteria mentioned by the University or Institute offering the course with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Mathematics.

BPharma college in Uttarakhand are known for producing pharmacists that help in developing, manufacturing and in the supply of medications all over India as well as in the world. A student of pharmacy can work in a range of areas related to manufacturing, provisioning as well as prescription of medicines. A pharmacy practitioner majorly works not just in research and development of new drugs and medicines but also works on altering an existing drug or medicine to produce better results. These people also work in the Pharmacy Council to check and control the drugs and medicines as per government regulations and standards.

Many Indian and International recruiters make a beeline to these BPharma college in Uttarakhand like Lupin, Ciplan, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, etc. every year. After completing this degree in BPharma there are a range of opportunities that open up both in the public and in the private sector including hospitals, industry and pharmacy regulators in the fields ranging from a Pharmaceutical engineer to a lab technician in the medicinal chemistry department. This degree is the starting point for entering the pharmacy sector in the medical and health care industry with core subjects like pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceuticals, etc. There are also government jobs that open up along with options to work abroad.

Many avenues open up after the BPharma degree like a pharmaceutical scientist who designs new drug therapies with mixing natural and man-made ingredients and studies the effects of diseases on the body and how some people respond to medication or to develop, test, advice corporations and government on issues related to pharmaceutical development and create safer drugs. One can also work as a quality controller to check all drugs used for human and animal use while in-process or post processing before being dispersed into the market as per the standards of the Pharmacy Association of India.

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