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The roles and responsibilities associated with the Product Owner are quite challenging and demanding. The main role of the product owner is the product backlog management. The product backlog is a kind of tool to make sure that what is needed in the product and what must be built next in the row. Hence, Product Owner Training in Pune will help you.

The role of the product owner is defined in Scrum. Here, Scrum means the framework of complicated product development. The main responsibility of the Product owner is maximizing the product’s value. It will result from the joint efforts of the development team. One person will have a clear responsibility for deciding what service and product will be built. 

The product owner is that person that will be accountable for the product and he/she will be the one who will plan and have product vision. However, there are certain things that are associated only with the development team as the development team will be the right choice to get answers to some questions. 

  • Need for Product Owner Training in Pune

This training program will let you get familiar with Do’s and Dont’s of a product owner. 


  • Engaging in retrospectives
  • How to communicate the uncertainty to stakeholders
  • Focus on the short term and long-term goals. 
  • Facilitate product backlog. It will assure that everything is going as per the plan only. 
  • Engage with the end users for getting feedback. 
  • Challenging the stakeholders by continuously asking the question of why.
  • Learn about lean product development. 
  • Feed the development team with problems along with the solutions. 
  • Trusting the team
  • Treating the estimates as only estimates and do not consider the estimates as the commitments. 
  • Be fair for what is not done and what is done. 

Career Options

In this row, SAFe Training in Pune will also provide benefits to your career. Both these training programs are well suited for the job profile of business analyst as these have sufficient knowledge to handle the requirements of a business as well as supplement with the help of analysis.

It will aid in decision making. This will surely contribute to improvement in business. It will give you a great career ahead. 

Project Manager is another great option for you. Here, the candidate will get involved with project planning along with the management. Many companies are looking for such deserving candidates. 

Choosing the product manager as the career will let you, aim at product’s expounding requirements. It will give you a hike in the salary. After gaining some experience in this discipline, the candidate can also become CEO of a company. Being a product owner will let you become a valuable asset and experience will add value to your resume. 

Therefore, joining Xebia Academy for such training programs will give you an excellent career path. It is a reputed institution that is providing its world-class training to make the candidates eligible for the industry. Definitely, it will outshine you among the crowd.

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