There can also be legal issues related to some construction or renovation work you are planning to do with the help of a contractor. In case there are issues in time taken to complete the work, there is damage to the property during the construction, there are certain disputes in the contract, there are disputes in material used for construction work, there are change of specifications of the work, there are additional cost and work which can cost you time and money etc. then you can go to court for this but that is not the best way to go with such disputes rather you should go for mediation service to save both money and time.

The disputes can be raised from both the parties that means by customer as well as builder. A customer loses its time and money if there are certain problems with the work such as builder is not able to complete the work on time and in budget; the material used by builder is not good, the specifications related to any job are not according to what you the customer told the builder etc. Similarly a builder also loses time and money if the customer changes the specification at the last time, the decisions made by customer can impact the costs, being blamed of some damage to the property which does not concern you etc.

 Whatever the reason may be but it is always a good thought to go for Building mediation Guildford to result in something better for both the parties. There are many mediation services which provide help in matters of construction disputes. In Guildford, there are Building mediation service which you can visit. Below are some points to help you in understanding more about the mediation service available for construction related issues. The family of couple also gets disturbed due to all the things going on. Handling a divorce or separation situation can be much harder if not handled with proper guidance. The couple has to look for future of kids, their own future etc. In some situation it might even need that the couple hires legal advisor or lawyer to settle down things and all the conflicts involving children, assets, property etc.

  • There are some advantages of mediation over litigation like mediation is cheaper than litigation either talk about money or talk about money. Generally it takes 2-3 days to complete a mediation process while going to court definitely costs you weeks or even months sometimes.
  • In litigation the judge makes a decision which later can cause a conflict in the relation between the parties. While in mediation the conflict is settled by the opinions of the two parties so the decision at the end satisfies both the parties.
  • Mediation is private process so it does not involve public knowledge or media attention. Also it is informal but the deal at the end is legally binding.

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